It was a bit late for Last weeks updates, this was due to some blocking caused by the Watchdog issues.


Here is the Timeline:

Stage 2: Ordering & Start-up

  • Prerequisite for this stage is the availability of the PSoC4 Pioneer kit
  • Placed order – Need to track
    • Received First lot of the Components - Done

    • PIR Sensor is pending
  • Start-up Software
    • Basic framework to perform the application development

      • Need to Sort out the watchdog issue for wakeup cycle + reset

      • Need to assemble Touch pad buttons(4 Number)
    • Initial setup for Capacitive touch testing done
    • Button interface – Pin Interrupt example done
    • External metallic object capacitive touch interfacing – Done using old lock
    • Trial SPI and I2C communication tests using protocol analyzer - Done
    • Trial UART communication - Done
    • Trial on PWM LED dimming and configuration done
      • LED Blink using PWM done

      • Advanced Dimming PrISM interface done
  • Software and menu design for locally available Nokia 5110 display
    • Need to prepare the connector the display

  • Look for appropriate licensing scheme to open source the complete design – Done
    • Using CC-BY-SA for OSS + OSHW support



Recently I received a partial delivery package from Element 14 with the components that I had ordered.

Still need get the soldering done for most of things.

I will be posting further updates on the Parts once they are soldered and ready.


In the mean time I have update two more documents explaining the recent examples that I have been working upon.

PSoC4 Smarter Life Challenge - DAS Project :Example 6 Arbitary Metal object CapSense

PSoC4 Smarter Life Challenge - DAS Project :Example 7 Energy Efficient I2C Command Dispatcher


Apart from this the Issue 2 the problem with the Watchdog still remains. Need to make the complete example to really demonstrate the reset issue.

This time however for temporary basis the I2C Command Dispatcher would work for the wake up from deep sleep mode.


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