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This update is a bit late, but due to a "locked knee" (can't fully stretch my leg anymore) I had some other concerns to deal with!


Update on the complete challenge

Here are some posts to get you started if you jumped into this challenge, and didn't get the full context:

Smarter Life Challenge Competitors (thanks joeman!)

Review of first design week!

Overview - week 2 of PSOC Design Challenge

Overview, Week 3 and a bit


A word about deadlines

This is a challenge; probably the greatest challenge will be to get your projects finished in time! The community of element14 will also choose a winner, by public voting. That voting opens at December 16th, so it would be nice to have a nice post about your project by that time, just to get a good total view of what you've done. The voting, and the challenge, remains open until the 17th of January.


"My view"

Guys (unfortunately no girls taking part), you're doing great! I've seen a lot of hardcore engineering passing by this week, some people freaking out in the software department (RTOS), others in hardware (encoders, relays, ..) and several really good examples of what the PSOC hardware can do. Montes examples are very clear, and Anthony Kahls' light project shows that the PSOC can really be great to offload software / timing by creating your own communication peripheral in the chip!

Of course, others have met the limitations of engineering: Cosmin found out that you can't put 2 opamps and 2 comparators in a PSOC4, and Monte found out that his display is in some way incompatible with the LCD building block.

Overall, this is getting very interesting..... Only a few weeks to go before voting opens, and still a month and a half before it closes. Keep your engines rolling!



This week in blog posts


WhoWhatPosts This weekKeywords, Summary
Alex BehnazSleep sensor

Temperature Sensor

FRAM Works!

This will be a LOW power project.

This week: FRAM test, and some PC interfacing.

Abhijit BoseDAS Project; Digital Security Application, Smart Home Security

PSoC4 Smarter Life Challenge - DAS Project : Update Week3

PSoC4 Smarter Life Challenge - DAS Project: Update Week 4


More examples updated (energy efficienct communication!),  and wrote a nice post about how he selected the right pins / peripherals for an SPI port

Monte ChanSmart Christmas Lights

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 018

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 019

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 020

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 021

LED lighting, exploring feautures of PSOC kit

Element14's member of the month found a weird issue while interfacing an LCD display, got light measurements using the Timer component, showed how to use the PSOC component to alternatively drive and read LED current. Also showed how to use current DACs to get an XY display!

Wojchech GelmudaSmight - Smart home lighting

Smight - 230V uC based dimmer

Connectivity, lighting, LED

Using phase angle dimming on 230V; timer and pin interrupt

Javier HernandezCar security / car tracking, cloud service

Smart Life Challenge: geoCar PSoC meets Android sample

Smart Life Challenge: geoCar Update ( Going Dual Core!)

Sensors, web connectivity

This week a cool demo of an Android application controlling the LED on the PSOC board.

Also: running both PSOCs in parallel!

Cosmin IorgaBrainwave based controller

Smarter Life Challenge - Brainwaves based appliance controller - Update 5

Detailed EMG measurements

Issues with resource availability in PSOC4, and a video of eye-controlled LEDs!

Anthony KahlSmart Bicycle Light

Smarter Life Challenge: Smart Bicycle Light (update #4)

User experience, simplicity of use

Very nice demo of how PSOC can create a custom protocol peripheral!

Linas KarpaviciusSmart Reflow OvenThe specified item was not found.

Control algorithm

This week: PCB design to control heater

Jianyi LiuSteadyClip, Camera Gimbal

SteadyClip, An Economical Camera Gimbal – Part 07: Deterministic Controls, An Example

IMU, motor and motion control

This week: Example of Realtime software for PSOC

Jim LynchSmart faucet / Smart lightingNo post this week
Mala MitraOven control based on analog PID

No post this week

Peter ShabinoPlant monitor (water, light)

Moisture sensor board design  PSoC4 smarter life challenge

First impressions with the PSoC 4 and PSoC Creator 3.0 software

Analog sensing, plant water control

Peter made a nice PCB for his moisture sensing, and made us part of his explorations in PSOC Creator

Paul SisnerosSmart Coffee Maker

Smarter Life Challenge - The perks of using a robot arm to make coffee

Automation, process control

This week: design choices for coffee making; how to control a robotic arm?

Mani ThundiyilIntelligent and autonomous wheelchair

No post this week

Yuri ThkhonovSmart Diagnosic System

PSoC 4 Tricopter (Smarter Life Challenge) part #5

Control, diagnostics.

This week: EEPROM Emulation & Code

Steve TurnerUnCoStat, Smart Thermostat


User interface, connectivity,

Nothing this week



Good luck everyone! You've got 52 days left until the end of the challenge: 17th of January