First happy weekend for all, hope it was a great one. Now the nerd update details. I have been working on my project as much as I can. Now I have added the accelerometer (MMA7361) to the project. The accelerometer is connected to the PSoC4 as analog to digital by using three wires X,Y and Z. The PSoC4 will be sending the data from the accelerometer to the PSoC5 for SDCard logging.

Here is a picture to show how it looks like (on my "lab"). It says PSoC5 showing the connections to the PSoC5 (color wires). The accelerometer wires are gray closer to the cammera, the other gray wire set are just power and ground.


I just added the accelerometer, but the GPS been on for a while. So I was able to log all my driving this weekend with the GPS. For that I put all the hardware in a plastic project box under the drivers seat and ran a GPS cable+antena all the way to the trunk where it was held by using a magnet to the top of the trunk. The GPS data was recorded to the SDCard every 5 seconds (while the car was ON). For power it was plugged in to a standard lighter usb adapter, so no user interaction once it was installed. Whenever you started up the car it records data to the SDCard. For all weekend it created a file of 401KB of data which is not bad at all, the SDCard can hold up to 2GB so there is plenty of space to write.

Just for testing I plotted the coordinates on a Fusion table on google drive so I can visually confirm the data.

I filtered the GPS data and just plotted just a small part of highway driving. (this is at San Juan, Puerto Rico. you should come a visit some time!)


This is far from a well organized post, but wanted to share how it is going. Apart of the PSoC code I am working on building a web application to plot the data. For web I am using python with Django and leafletjs to plot the map data. My goal is to have the python site running on my raspberry pi where I will store all data collected from the car.

Right now the only big challenge (apart of time) that I have found is that I will be using a wireless chip (the Ti CC300) but there is no implementation for the PSoC. I downloaded the codes from Texas Instruments and used as a reference the code available from the Arduino but without success. It is a challenge accepted and I will make it work eventually however because I wanted to build this project and use it, I put it on the back while other stuff is finished. For the wifi I have a PlanB and it is using an AVR chip to handle all WIFI and just inform the PSoC when the connection is available and then just push all data to the server using the WIFI using an AVR chip as a medium. This is not pretty but I know I can make it work, and some times it is just about the result and not how pretty it is. Once it works then we beautify.


This is it for now, I will get back to my project and this has been an amazing experience. I just cannot wait to have this project full time on my car and then just analyze the data collected. There is so much room to add stuff that I try to keep it simple but you cannot stop a nerds mind thinking what if this or that.


Excellent work to all and hope your experience is as good as mine.


"Exito a todos" (Success to all)


(My project still have no formal name so I got stuck with the geoCar, this is a nameless project. Soon a name will click and it will be amazing.)