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My first LED order was placed on the 16th September and they've finally arrived 12 weeks later.

This has been my most troublesome eBay purchase to date. The story from the supplier was that the LEDs were sent off on 16th September only to arrive back at their doorstep in October to be then again be posted again with tracking to finally be delivered in December.


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It was only for a metre length of WS2812Bs for experimental purposes and spares.


Also my first large LED order arrived only a few days ago and now it is time to connect them up.

To expedite development and reduce assembly time I ordered them as 16 x 16 LED arrays for my prototype.

The LEDS in each array panel are arranged in a zig zag pattern from the bottom right hand corner upwards and downwards, right to left.

Each array panel has a connector on the bottom right corner for data input and a reciprocating connector on the bottom left corner for data output for easy interconnection.

In addition to these connectors each end has power and ground leads to allow for easy power distribution.


The photo in my first article shows two of these panels interconnected to each other forming a single continuous zig zag string of 512 LEDs.


The array panel substrate is a relatively flexible PCB material that is no dissimilar to the FPC (Flexible Plastic) that feels mainly of copper sheeting.

The layout of the substrate is devoid of mounting holes which means I'll have to devise a suitable method of mounting.


If you look very carefully at the top photo you will notice that the bottommost right hand corner LED panels are slightly different and hope it does not pose any major problems.


It's now time to connected them together and arrange for some visual content to be created.