For those who follow the progress. I am very happy on the progress but still much more is needed but there is plenty of gas in the tank so it's all good.

Since I am not the best organized person, I like using source control software to avoid loosing time when "enhancements" happen. I can easily revert any change with the use of a source control and because I wanted my project to be open source it is on github. I encourage all to use git or other source control, last night I messed up my project and with just one click I was back up and running. Strange things happen when playing changing PSoC clocks without any care or knowledge of what they do.

There are two repositories, the PSoC workspace which has two projects, one for the PSoC5 and one for the PSoC4 (I am using both from the same Pioneer kit). And there is a second repository that holds the Django project. The Django project is the one that provides a centralized database to store the data collected from the PSoCs in the car.

The idea is to store all data in the database for latter analysis.

There will be a third repo for the Android app to extract data from Bluetooth. I have done testing on android bluetooth but still the app integration that pulls data from the PSoC and plot it or sends it to the web is not in place. (part of the 2 do list).


Pioneer kit code (PSoC5 and PSoc4) code for the Creator


Python web code


I will do commits to the github frequently mostly because that is my backup for the code in case laptop die on my. Also allow me to work on the project from different locations. Since this is an open source project, fear is not for critics, liking and anything. It's all good!


Thanks for reading. Good luck to all and keep on hacking!

(Sorry for a post without picture, will make it up next time with a fun post).