For a partially paralyzed person, it is so hard to adjust himself since he is not able to move or do anything without any other persons help. This project intends to help disabled persons for moving from one place to another on a wheelchair.

Several works for handicapped people's help and assistance have been investigated in the last decade and particularly those concerning hardware and software architectures design related to automated wheelchairs. To make a wheelchair intelligent and autonomous, I plan to use a PSOC4 Kit which controls all functions of the wheelchair. Two BLDC motors are used for driving power. Wearable electronic sensors such as MEMS, Touch sensors, gesture recognition devices, etc are used for effortless control of the wheel chair by the patient. This wearable device enables the patient to drive the wheelchair either by hand movement or leg movement or by his head movement.  All Safety features like obstacle detection, emergency brake, skidding on slope surfaces are incorporated. This wheelchair can also be remote controlled by a wireless remote.   . This system is a kind of home welfare tools used to assists and help the handicapped and elderly people to gain mobility and lead to independent life.