Intelligent Wheelchair Specifications



Figure1. Wheelchair showing the BLDC motors and Battery compartment


My idea of an intelligent wheelchair comes to my mind because of my 22 year old daughter Greeshma. She is mentally and physically disabled and her wheelchair ‘Karma’ ( is her best friend! Karma is not intelligent, it is a manual one. I am thinking of making an intelligent wheel chair for my daughter.

The dimensions of the wheel chair are fixed that is suitable for a person like her and is as note below:

a. Wheelchair Mechanical Specifications:

    • Maximum carrying  capacity : 100kg
    • Body using aircraft aluminum for light weight ( 25 Kg Maximum)
    • Width of the seat : 40cm
    • length of the seat : 45 cm
    • Height of the seat : 50 cm
    • Inclination of the seat: adjustable

b.    Electrical Specifications

    • Motor Specifications:
      • BLDC Hub Motor : 24V 100W  ( 2 Nos.)
      • Torque: 14Nm
      • Diameter: 30cm

c. Control system

    • Distance sensors ( front and rear)
    • Floor sensors
    • Head movement detectors
    • Speed Sensors (left and right)
    • Battery monitoring
    • More features will be added

d. Overall specifications:

    • Maximum Forward speed: 9km/h
    • Maximum Reverse speed: 3km/hr
    • Capacity of motors:100W, 7Nm
    • Battery : 24V 15Ah
    • Carrying capacity :100kg
    • Turning radius  : 0.5m   
    • Climbing capacity: 12
    • Breaking distance:<1m
    • obstacle detection: 20-150cm
    • min height of obstacle: 6cm