I have finalized on the Pinning and port configuration of the DAS project.

As of now I am able to interface the following parts:

1. LCD - Nokia 5110 over SPI (UDB based)

2. SD Card on the Adafruit Logging Shield on SPI (UDB Based)

3. RTC DS1307 on Adafruit Logging Shield on I2C (SCB Based)

4. LDR Sensor using ADC

5. Glass Break Sensor using OpAmp block (This part would be an emulated version as I could not get the actual part)

6. Door Knob CapSense

7. 3 CapSense Buttons using the Existing Slider

8. Tamper Switch

9. GSM Module using Ardunio GSM board on UART (UDB Based)

10. Sounder using the DC-DC converter

11. PIR Sensor using Interrupt/Capture port

12. HOST interface with PSoC5 using UART (SCB Based)


Here is a picture of all the external Interfacing parts:


This a rough Paper version, I will update this to a PSoC 4 creator version as soon as I can get the Annotated part of the Pioneer kit.

As you can clearly see nearly all the pins of the PSoC4 Pioneer kit are used. So this presently lacks capacity to handle all the sensors that I had listed initially.


Once the Initial proto works for most of the Sensors and Modules , I go for a full scale PCB to get the Final Proto.

At that time I would be able to have the complete interfacing done with all the necessary sensors and modules.

The software by then would be ready and additional interfaces can be added easily.

Additionally for DATA storage of some hard stuff such as User phone number and Alarm mode,

I would be using the EEPROM emulation component to store it directly to PSoC4 Flash.


Please feel free to post your valuable suggestion on how to address the first proto design quickly of any additional features that would be good to have in the Final Proto.