Well the Thanksgiving plan was a bust. Parts arrived as I was packing up the car to leave so did not get the cards built and running before I left. Back now and have all the parts and raw cards so should be able to build them up this week. Got a bonus present from cypress of some PsoC 4 and 5s in the mail today. Unfortunately they are lead-less quad flats with a thermal pad so not the most user friendly package.


Spent 3 hours beating my head against why my simple "hello world" uart code did not work. Finally realized the default name in the gui was UART_1 where my C code was using just UART. So patched that up and fired up PUTTY and it worked.  Starter code attached more or less just a serial port echo with a little chunk of code added to convert carriage returns into line feed carriage returns.


Now working on a hardware frequency counter. Once I get that and a bit of code done should be ready to strap on some hardware and start recording values.