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Update on the complete challenge

Here are some posts to get you started if you jumped into this challenge, and didn't get the full context:

Smarter Life Challenge Competitors (thanks joeman!)

Review of first design week!

Overview - week 2 of PSOC Design Challenge

Overview, Week 3 and a bit

Overview, week 4 and a bit

Overview, week 5


A word about deadlines

This is a challenge; probably the greatest challenge will be to get your projects finished in time! The community of element14 will also choose a winner, by public voting. That voting opens at December 16th, so it would be nice to have a nice post about your project by that time, just to get a good total view of what you've done. The voting, and the challenge, remains open until the 17th of January.


"My weekly view"

A lot  of you decided to take a side step from exploring the PSOC platform. Some people had a very fruitful Thanksgiving (Jianyi), otheyers didn't find time to do the things they would have liked to do (Peter Shabino). All in all, looking over the week, people start thinking about how their final prodtuct should look like. What features should be implemented (Abjihit)? Will my board layout  be OK (Linas, Jianyi, Paul)? Can I make a neat-looking product (Monte)?

Also some people haven't told in the forums about what they've done in the last weeks. A few of them have already promissed to do updates, in general I'm very happy with the involvement so far. Also, a big thank-you to Gagan and Cypress, as I've seen a lot of help coming from Cypress to the engineers. Thumbs up!



This week in blog posts


WhoWhatPosts This weekKeywords, Summary
Alex BehnazSleep sensor


This will be a LOW power project.

No post this week

Abhijit BoseDAS Project; Digital Security Application, Smart Home Security

PSoC4 Smarter Life Challenge - DAS Project: Update LDR Sensing

PSoC4 Smarter Life Challenge - DAS Project: Update Interfacing


Light sensing - don't forget to watch the demo movie!

Integration of all features on the PSOC kit explained; pinout and overview.

Monte ChanSmart Christmas Lights

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 026

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 027

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 028

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 029

LED lighting, exploring feautures of PSOC kit

Many, many test patterns on LED strings and LED tiles, plus mounting them all!

Wojchech GelmudaSmight - Smart home lighting


Connectivity, lighting, LED

No post this week

Javier HernandezCar security / car tracking, cloud service

Smart Life Challenge: GeoCar goes github, Open Source all the way!

Sensors, web connectivity

A very well-put promotion of version control

Cosmin IorgaBrainwave based controller


Detailed EMG measurements

No post this week

Anthony KahlSmart Bicycle Light


User experience, simplicity of use

No post this week

Linas KarpaviciusSmart Reflow Oven

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Control algorithm

Show off of very nice home-etched PCB's, and the layout of the final design (proto)

Jianyi LiuSteadyClip, Camera Gimbal

SteadyClip, An Economical Camera Gimbal – Part 10: Schematic Capture, PCB Layout

IMU, motor and motion control

Layout of PCB for 3 3-phase BLDC motors!

Jim LynchSmart faucet / Smart lightingNo post this week
Mala MitraOven control based on analog PIDPost 5: Oven controlwith PSOC4

Temperature Control

This week: sneek peek into new development; getting things going after buying a new PC.

Peter ShabinoPlant monitor (water, light)

Some progress smarter plants challange

Analog sensing, plant water control

Peter was put off work by Thanksgiving and debugging, but got going again!!

Paul SisnerosSmart Coffee Maker

Smarter Life Challenge - Robot Arm Designed, Working on the Build

Automation, process control

PCB Layout, and a nice collection of motors & a rendering of the robot arm!

Mani ThundiyilIntelligent and autonomous wheelchair

About my PSOC4 Project

Intelligent Wheelchair: Mechanical/Electrical Specifications

Robotics, motor control, automation

Description of Mani's very ambitious plan to make an autonomous wheelchair!

Yuri TikhonovSmart Diagnosic System

PSoC 4 Tricopter (Smarter Life Challenge) part #7

Control, diagnostics.

Waiting for parts from hobbyking, but still making progress in the software!!

Steve TurnerUnCoStat, Smart Thermostat


User interface, connectivity,

Nothing this week



Good luck everyone! You've got 40 days left until the end of the challenge: 17th of January