The last few days I have been working on python script to export and plot data from a GeoCar and organizing the circuits. I choose to use the "shields layout" that is used by Arduino. The Pioneer kit arduino compatible layout provided me the option to get a regular Arduino prototype shield and do the soldering there and stack them up. This comes to be very handy on prototyping. Avoid shorts and the prototype can be somewhat modular.

The GeoCar brains is placed now in a black box with a side connector for the external GPS antenna and an opening for the power cable.


My soldering helper just found a GeoCar in a box!

Look what I Found!GeoCar out of the Box


I had to modify a little bit the PSoC5 connector so it is acessible when an Arduiono shield is connected. This can be a shield consideration design. A shield that has the header for the PSoC5 connector and move it to the top area as well. This proto shield has a 5V and Gnd rail on the top, so a pass trough headers will not work. In my case and my soldering skills, I had problem disoldering the PSoC5 header so I went under and just move it a little outside. Engineering is about solving situations and get things moving and prototypes are about all but looks.



I am very happy with my project and I keep on learning about the capabilities of the PSoC and the Pioneer kit. There is a few things about the kit that I will be checking out and trying to incorporate as many features I can. A microcontroller can do as much as the builder using it.


Thanks to the community and element14 and Cypress about this experience. This is a nice product and it is worth experimenting with it. As a kit I played video games now I play with the stuff that is inside video games, it is all related.




I uploaded a video in Spanish on how the project looks to share friends and family but you may watch it if you like.

Posted it to my blog on element14 in Spanish, but I may just put the link bellow if you like to check it out (just mute it and pretends has no sound). Sorry for it not being in English.