Hi all, it seems there's been a bunch of action amongst the projects on PCB design so I thought I'd run with the crowd...



Over the weekend I put together the schematics and layout for this 2-layer prototype shield. It's a little bit quick and dirty but this PCB will allow me to put together a full demo and gives me a bunch of alternatives to my current design choices should they hit any unforeseen technical hitches. I've added 4 channels of PWM driven LEDs in PLCC4/4 and 0805 packages as an option to the WS1812B serial driven RGBs. I've also put down both serial and analog accelerometers, all of the circuitry required for USB charging of the LiPo, a piezo beeper (audio feedback is something I still plan to have in the final product), photodiode based light sensor, logic supply, cap touch, hall effect sensor and a bunch of power control options. This board also has a bunch of debug headers and 0 ohm links to aid with power characterisation and as a precautionary measure for any re-configuration that might be needed.







Initially I'll build this up to run as a shield on the pioneer kit, but all the components are there to also build a standalone version that will more closely reflect the final product. Thanks to Gagan for the QFN packaged Psoc4s, I'll certainly be using them somewhere along the way.



I should have a bunch of these from my proto PCB supplier by week's end, and have them built-up an operational early next week.