The Font of all Knowledge

web mcfont.bmp

I'm furiously working away at creating content for my display.

One important aspect is a presentation font. To really make it stand out I have redrawn a font based on one that I created back in the 1970's.

This font uses double width verticals to accentuate the display and fits into a 8x8 matrix with a one pixel intercharacter spacing and uses no antialiasing.

If you look closely the spacing is defined on the left hand side of each character.

I like using accentuated verticals because when using 1970's based CRT based TVs and monitors single pixels did not appear with as much intensity as multiple contiguous pixels (mini lines).

Sometimes it's not possible to always use accentuated pixels due to space constraints within each character matrix so an acceptable compromise must be made.


I've used Microsoft Paint as the editor to create a lossless graphics file that I will then run my own utility to extract the pixel information to create the data structures for my project's program.

In the 1970's and early 1980's when working on newly developed graphics products I'd be using graph paper and performing lots of manual binary calculations and conversions to other number bases.


The font data structures are devoid of any colour information thus will contain only pixel set/reset information. This makes it easy to render the fonts in any colour. The colour information will be merged with the set/reset information when loaded into the video frame buffer.


For now only upper case characters have been defined to expedite progress. It is unlikely that lower case characters will be used and lower case characters using small matrices such as this look terrible.