When I start a new project one of the first tasks is matching the needed IO to the resources available on the microprocessor. I create a spreadsheet to keep track of the connections and any changes as I move through the design steps. I've done a few PSoC projects now and thought I would share my spreadsheet. Perhaps others will find them helpful.


If you find any errors, please post them in the comments or send a message to me.


PSoC Family Resources

The attachment named "PSoC_Ports.xls" shows all the ports for the PSoC3, 4 and 5LP family. This snapshot on the left below shows my setup notes for my current PSoC Design Challenge project The UnCoStat. It's not going to solve all your problems, but hopefully it will save some of you a little time.

Resources Snapshot.png          Pioneer.PNG


PSoC4 Pioneer Development Board

When I am dealing with a board such as the PSoC4 Pioneer, I want to connect my external circuits in a logical manner, based on the pinout of the board. For that, I made the attached spreadsheet named "PSOC4 Pioneer Ports.xls". This spreadsheet lays out the pins in the approximate location on the board, so I can group all the signals for a sub-circuit together on the board. The PSoC family makes this easy, since most signals can be on any pin, it's really easy to move signals around so it is user friendly on the board resulting in Less Breadboard Errors!


I hope some of you find this helpful.