I created a little exploded view that will show how I'm building this, and hopefully explain how it took me so long.


And here's one of the hand alone just because I think it looks cool. It might be hard to make out, the large flat plates that make up most of the hand bolt directly on to that largest gear, then the plates with the radial bolt studs clamp the large bearing into place, and those two holes in the middle of the big gear have bolts which pass through the middle of the bearing into a ring that caps the back of it to hold the hand to the inner part of the bearing. The small pinion is held on a rod which passes through a small bearing held in a similar manner by that secondary ring on the left most part, which I call the wrist. The wrist also holds two more bearings (not shown) and will be held on to the arm by a bolt which passes through them. The control cables pass through the middle of the whole thing around a bearing that is held at that front whole on the top plate of the hand, and over to the front parallel linkage to pull the hand shut, the other goes to that tiny hole on the geared linkage to pull the hand open.


exploded hand.JPG


I'm working on the PSoC implementation of the electronics. I could just copy other micro controller CNC software, but I'm working on some clever tricks I can do with the programmable digital to hopefully manage to make smoother and more accurate moves which put very little load on the processor by having the PWM modules and counters do the high speed synchronization.


And I haven't forgotten about coffee, but I want to finish an element at a time. Once I have a robot arm to do the operation of the grinder and coffee maker the rest is just icing on the cake, or frothing on the latte, to be more precise.