Processing Power

web 8x8 font display.jpg

Here's the result of creating, importing and drawing the font for the LED display.



web processing constants.bmp

With the font captured in a 256 colour .BMP file for useable mspaint editing, I needed to import it into my program.

I've done this using Processing 2.1. If you haven't heard of Processing before have a look at the web

I found it quite interesting and useful. According to its documentation it's actually not Java but Java based. Conversion from Processing to Java occurs when the Run button is clicked and that is what I observed.

I found it as easy to use as the Arduino and its derivatives considering the Arduino IDE was derived from Processing.


I always use symbolics for programming because it provides a very flexible and consistent means of reconfiguring software.


web processing body 256.bmp

This code creates a comma delimited list with comments for direct use with source code. It can be very easily extended to insert indentation and data structure pre and post-amble to create a complete .h header file.

Code writing code?


web processing output 256.bmp


I've inserted this generated code into my project and wrote a supporting drawletter() function to display the font on the LED display to display.

It's as easy to use as drawletter('A', x, y, colour);