A microcontroller project has a lot of soldering and coding. Sometimes things might even get frustrating for a while. One must be creative and keep the creative juices flowing at all times. And what can produce more motivation than having a logo. So now I have a logo for my project. Here I share my logo with you guys.This project has now identity with a name and a logo.


On hardware notes, I have been playing with an old pc buzzer for the project. I need a way to trigger alarms and notifications to the user (myself) on what is going on. Most of the time is just recording data, but I needed a way to report danger or other notifications to the user and a led do not work for me. I needed something with sound that the user can keep the eyes on the road but still get the signal.


On a fun experience, last weekend I left the project plugged into my car all weekend. My wife took the car to do some shopping. Then yesterday when I plotted the data into the map I saw all her travelling. Even that she missed an exit and had to do an U turn to get where she was heading. She was like, dam this thing knows everything! We laugh about it.

I have few more hardware connections and plenty of software. The nice thing about programmable devices is that one hardware layout can be used in so many different ways without soldering.



A friend is helping with the logo and just now sent me a new version of the logo. It look a little more modern. Feel free to leave a comment.