Hello everyone,

Lots of progress this week in terms of hardware and software.

Most of the parts that I disused in the earlier post have now been interfaced and working in software.


Here is how DAS looks now with respect to its block diagram:


There are two shields on top of the Pioneer kit:

1. Arduino GSM ShieldArduino GSM Shield on the Top

2. Logging ShieldLogging Shield below it on top of Pioneer Kit.


Here is a shot of the top Shield removed:


It also shows the modifications done on the Logging shield to interface the various sensors.


Now dissembling all of the shields shows the parts:


The system is being powder using an eternal DC supply of 9V and to my surprise the Pioneer Kit + sensors + LCD back light + GSM Module takes a peak 200mA

As of now the focus is more on getting the software ready for all the hardware that has been interfaced so its alright to continue with an external supply.


Here are some details of the wiring done on the Logging shield to interface the Sensors:


There were some modifications done to the Pioneer Kit as well to help in debugging and a permanent USB-UART interface available all times.



Here is the Stage 3 Timeline and Progress status:

Stage 3: Interfacing

  • Prerequisite for this stage is the arrival of all Element14 ordered material on-time
  • Wiring Up
    • Connect all the Shields and test individual interfaces

    • Check for Capacitive Touch sensitivity and user interface using cap-sense interface prepared earlier
  • Remaining Software trials
    • Check for Sounder operation with controlled DC-DC activation

    • Check for complete message transaction on GSM both incoming as well as outgoing
    • Implement the detection loops for the analog sensors
    • Implement filter and frequency analyzer for the switched sensor inputs – Need more time for this so possibly would implement this in the next stage
    • Implement the SD card logging and RTC interface
  • Code Complete at driver level
    • Implement all the Drivers and unit test cases needed to test each of the interfaces in the final system – Partially done

    • Check for timing and synchronization for key events and fault scenarios – Most of the Fault scenarios are addressed, need to write software for them


Still a lot of work needs to be completed, however to keeping the submission deadlines in mind some of the software features would be disabled.


Please vote for DAS, hope you like this Open Source project!


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Please vote for DAS, hope you like this Open Source project!