LEDs Have Some Fun

web PSoC 4 5000 LEDS.jpg

Here's another 5,000 RGB LEDS! They've just arrived and are hermetically sealed to keep the moisture out to keep the fresh like vacuum sealed food.

The more the merrier I say!


Asking the obvious question

How does one get 3,000 let alone 8,000 RGB LEDs working on a PSoC 4?

When you do the arithmetic, the amount of memory required is for 3,072 LEDS is 3,072 x 3 = 9,216 for a fully capable and dynamic 24-bit colour bitmapped display.

The PSoC 4 is designed as a low cost device and has 6k SRAM available leaving considerably short of the memory required just for the frame buffer.

One solution is to use its bigger sibling the PSoC 5. Another is to limit the capability of the display by limiting functionality.

I've managed to devise a solution which initial testing seems to work very well.


Can anyone guess how I've accomplished it?

(The hints are littered throughout my articles).