Proof Of Life

web Proof of Life LED ARRAY.jpg


Another boring photo but it shows 9 panels (2,304 LEDS) being driven by a single PSoC 4 and my one of my secret circuits.

Anyone for TV tennis as a side project?

I could have used colour but decided of a low brightness white.


Each panel has a unique pattern displayed to prove that it that is individually driven.

The only reason for 9 and not 12 panels is that I only have a 3A power supply attached.

With no LEDs lit the quiescent current is 2.13A. It sounds a lot but it works out to be about 1mA per LED.


One remarkable aspect of the WS2812B LEDs is that they are static so once a value has been assigned to a LED it will remain in that state indefinitely until the value is changed, the power removed or the device is broken.

Yes, sure enough each LED has 3 bytes of RAM.

The caveat is that it is only optically readable.


Technology, what'll they think of next?