….I take the limit.


I got a 4.0 in my programming class a few years ago for C++. I've tried self-teaching and getting into programming in the past. I even had a job where I designed 100% of the LabVIEW architecture and developed 50% of the code to test new power supplies that are going to the International Space Station.


In the end, I'm not a programmer.


Although I've dabbled, can read through C code, pencil to paper the flow and building blocks, understand a lot of what is going on and how to test, I'm simple deficient in C programming.


I love engineering. I love problem solving, design verification, failure analysis, and new product development. I feel that I can design and develop all the mechanicals for my project. I also feel the same about the electrical side. When it comes to the final code script, I feel blocked. My friend assisting me is also in the same boat.


The awesome thing about engineering, as I stated earlier, is that it's about problem solving. So, this evening, I've a co-worker who programs coming over to assist (bribing him with beer). I learned a long time ago "don't buy diamonds from a brick mason". It means, let the experts be the experts. Need electro-mechanical solutions, I'm the guy. Need 1's or 0's, it approaches my limits, get a programmer.