This has been a very busy week with the hangout and all. If you have not seen it, take a look it was great, thanks to everyone involved. For now what I have been working on for the GeoCar are two things, sounds and sonar. Currently I have a very lousy buzzer you can barely hear it. I will try to find a replacement with a little more sound power. Also other add on to the project and it is a big one is the sonar. Finally the sonar sensor arrived and I am just starting to get to it. At the beginning I try to use a ping sensor but that is just for a few inches. This project requires at least two meters range so a sonar is the way to go. I now need to find a place were to put it.

Here is a picture of the sonar that I will be using.



Working on a hardware/software project during Christmas is hard, a lot of activities going on with family and friends. Thankfully my family knows that I love this things so can't complain.

Hope to have more post soon with actual data from the sonar. This is the first time that I have even held a sonar in my hands so this is exiting.