Pioneering Progress

web Stitched.jpg

I've been really busy developing and improving my secret circuit.

Just as a reminder of what it is, the circuit enables a single PSoC 4 to drive 3,072 24-bit colour LEDs.


Above is pictures a short time lapse photo of the display. I've edited the photo to remove the inter-panel gaps to give an idea of what the next version will look.

These LEDs are set to the 4rd lowest intensity level so it shows you how bright these LEDs illuminate. Hopefully this will be one of the last boring test patterns shown.


web Dead LEDs.jpg


An unexpected issue is the vulnerability and unreliability of the WS2812B LEDs.

They can partially and fully die quite easily with a yet underdetermined cause. From my observations and experimentation the relationship between the input signal and supply voltage is very important. It appears that the Absolute Maximum Voltages are relative.

By partially die I mean that a LED channel stops working. For instance the Green LED can die whilst the Red and Blue remain unaffected and the signalling relay continues to operate.

By fully die I mean that the signalling relay develops a short to GND or other terminal fault.

This is why I always try to have spares available when developing new products. In this case I have 5,060 spare LEDs of which I've already used 9 or so.


With these teething issues nearly sorted it's time to present the Christmas Cheer and other good stuff.