Here is quick update on the GeoCar project. This is a small use case sample of a project functionality. I like watching videos of projects so I uploaded one myself.


Use Case:

If the car get stolen via a carjacking. The owner leave the phone inside the car and get to safety. Once on safety the car owner sends an SMS security code to his/her phone by using else's phone. When the phone receives this message connects to the PSoC via Bluetooth and sends a distress signal. The PSoC then turn off the car.


The action of turning off the car is being simulated by turning the on board RGB LED to red. For this a Control Reg tool is used. Bellow is a simple video showing this feature.

On the video demo the Android phone is configured to receive an SMS message containing a secret code ( T for the sample) and when this happens it connects to the PSoC via Bluetooth, then the PSoC turns the RGB  LED red for a few seconds.


Creator snapshot of the  Control Register




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Android app:


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