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Update on the complete challenge

Here are some posts to get you started if you jumped into this challenge, and didn't get the full context:

Smarter Life Challenge Competitors (thanks Joseph Man!)

Review of first design week!

Overview - week 2 of PSOC Design Challenge

Overview, Week 3 and a bit

Overview, week 4 and a bit

Overview, week 5

Overview, week 6

Overview, week 7


"My weekly view"

Hey people, this week I had a lot of work to do, and with Christmas coming up I didn't have much time for a personal analysis of what's going on with all contestants. What I would like to mention is that Christy Zurcher made a very nice update to tag all previous content, so you can follow each separate project. Take a look at http://www.element14.com/community/polls/1692 for the poll!


Public voting is open!!

What's at stake? "

  • The People's Choice Winner, based on community polling which begins on December 16, 2013 and ends on January 17, 2014 will receive a $1500 voucher for element14's online retail sites.

Reason enough to get your posts comming up!


This week in blog posts


WhoWhatPosts This weekKeywords, Summary
Alex BehnazSleep sensor

Temperature Test - Biological Data

This will be a LOW power project.

Measurement data from test subject

Abhijit BoseDAS Project; Digital Security Application, Smart Home Security


no posts this week

Monte ChanSmart Christmas Lights

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 034

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 035

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 036

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 037

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 038

A Very Compact Christmas Display - Part 039

LED lighting, exploring feautures of PSOC kit

Displays coming to life!

Wojchech Gelmuda*Smight - Smart home lighting

Smight - 230V uC based dimmer - update

Connectivity, lighting, LED

PSOC dimming the lights!

Javier HernandezCar security / car tracking, cloud service

Smart Life Challenge: GeoCar Sonar in sight

Smart Life Challenge: GeoCar update SMS relay to PSoC

Sensors, web connectivity

Further upgrades for the GeoCar. Connecting to the real worls

Cosmin IorgaBrainwave based controller

Smarter Life Challenge - Brainwaves based appliance controller - Update 8

Detailed EMG measurements

Switching off the TV using the brainwave controller... Getting somewhere!

Anthony KahlSmart Bicycle Light

Smarter Life Challenge: Smart Bicycle Light (update #7)

User experience, simplicity of use

Assembled PCB, ready for testing!

Linas KarpaviciusSmart Reflow Oven


Control algorithm

No post this week

Jianyi LiuSteadyClip, Camera Gimbal

SteadyClip, An Economical Camera Gimbal – Part 11: PCB Assembly And IMU Update

IMU, motor and motion control

Jim LynchSmart faucet / Smart lightingSmarterLife Challenge - When things look like they approach a 1 or a 0 …..

User interface, Capacitive touch

Jim asked a colleague to help!

Mala MitraOven control based on analog PIDOven Control with PSOC 4: Post 7

Temperature Control

Opamp testing!

Peter ShabinoPlant monitor (water, light)

Soil moisture sensor - PsoC bugs found and a working hardware freq counter

Analog sensing, plant water control

Implementation of measurement system

Paul SisnerosSmart Coffee Maker

Smarter Life Challenge - Control Architecture

Automation, process control

Very cool update on how motion is synchronized

Mani Thundiyil*Intelligent and autonomous wheelchair


Robotics, motor control, automation

No post this week

Yuri TikhonovSmart Diagnosic System,Tricopter

PSoC 4 Tricopter (Smarter Life Challenge) part #9

Control, diagnostics.

Assembly of frame

Steve TurnerUnCoStat, Smart Thermostat

UnCoStat Update #4 Power Supply Requirements

UnCoStat #5

User interface, connectivity,

How to design a switching supply... or how to do thermal calculations on a linear one?

Douglas WongHenrietta Project, smart thermostat

Smarter Life Challenge - The Henrietta Project - Touch Screen Subsystem

Smarter Life Challenge - The Henrietta Project - Personality Infusion

Our new competitor shows how the Henrietta project should look &feel (pun intended)!



Good luck everyone! You've got 24 days left until the end of the challenge: 17th of January