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Good day comrades!

1. That is not the first day of vote for the best project. However, my project is located in the tail. I have some thoughts on this point:

  • Yuri does not fulfill his promises: I promised radio control using Arduino Explora, reflash of ESC, as well as FPV system  with feature OSD. Where are they? Probably somewhere in the future.
  • Yuri is lazy: ten weeks have passed, the tricopter was not up in the air yet, and the community only received excuse "HobbyKing delayed parcel".
  • Yuri is just an amateur: the project uses questionable technologies, methods and techniques, for sure you are certain that copter with such "flaws" will not fly.
  • Yuri is a bushman: clumsy design of topics, poor photos and  video quality.
  • Yuri is tongue-tied: my posts may seem boring and somewhat not very clear (in my opinion - this is the main reason for the low popularity).


If you have any thoughts on this occasion, please write in the comments, I would be very interested to know your opinion


2. While the parcel from HobbyKing was on the way, I was working with YAW - mechanics:


As you know, I originally just wanted to copy this unit from David's copter:


reference to the original source: link


But I quickly changed my mind in the direction of another mechanism:


reference to the original source: link


But since I never got the necessary details,  I accidentally discovered on YouTube another easily realizable design:


reference to the original source: link (see 6:29).


Finally I made a simple swivel. Assembled it all looked like this:


The main disadvantage of this design - increased backlash, because there are no bearings in the mechanism. I will try to reduce the gap to a minimum by using a precise fit of parts.


3. On Friday, I managed to find a parcel from HobbyKing. I knew that there was nobody to bring it to me and I had to go myself.

Fortunately courier service was just at 2 km from my place. Well, in the search for missing parcels I already have a lot of experience Special thanks to Modelers club http://forum.rcdesign.ru/, for help in finding!


Bringing badly crumpled box home I found the following:


Seeing all this beauty I could not resist, dropped everything and began to build a copter! Here is what I got:


mechanism YAW:


General view of the apparatus:



Surely you're wondering how it all works! Video I shot on the phone, so sorry for the quality...


4. Plans for the near future:

  • adjustment and lubrication of YAW mechanism;
  • installation of ESC's and of all necessary wiring;
  • strengthening structures, installation of missing fasteners;
  • installing the battery and the radio module;
  • balancing propellers and the entire apparatus;
  • calibration and adjustment of the control system;
  • test run (without propellers).


I think it will take me 10 days (—Āonsidering the upcoming holidays), and right after that - a test flight!

See you soon!


1PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #1Introduction
2PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #2Purchase of components from Farnell and HobbyKing
3PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #3PSoC firmware: upTime & Rx
4PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #4PSoC firmware: UART & MultiWii GUI
5PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #5PSoC firmware: EEPROM emulation
6PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #6PSoC firmware: Servo & ESC control
7PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #7PSoC firmware: IMU, LED's & PID
8PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #8Hardware: PCB
9PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #9Hardware: tricopter's frame
10PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #10Hardware: YAW mechanics & motors
11PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #11Hardware: ESC's, wires & misc
12PSoC 4 Tricopter Part #12Final: The first fly


If you like my project vote for "A Smarter Tricopter - Yuri Tikhonov"