Just a quick update to let know everyone where GeoCar is going. On the beginning of this challenge I have never seen a PSoC device (sorry no offence), it is that I have not been expose to professional hardware manufacturing. Professional grade hardware was at college and the labs where pretty limited in resources. So this has been a great learning experience getting to know the PSoC family and capabilities as well as getting involved in this community. Ok, now to the nerdy details.

I  have successfully build a prototype with the pioneer kit by using the PSoC4 and 5 from the pioneer kit. But thinking about how the hardware GeoCar would be manufactured I tough this is an overkill and the price on the hardware would be too expensive. And since we were provided with individual PSoC chips I am now decided to pack it all up in a single PSoC4 chip solution. So I am currently squishing all the code into one single PSoC4 project. This will make a cleaner solution that can be well be packed into a small footprint.

For programming the external PSoC4 I am now using the same Pioneer kit as a HSSP (Host Sourced Serial Programmer), the code is available on the cypress web site on a project AN84858 (AN84858 - PSoC® 4 Programming Using an External Microcontroller (HSSP) - Cypress). As of now I successfully loaded a bootstrap solution to the external PSoC4 and programmed it via a simple USB to serial adapter. This allows the PSoC 4 to be reprogrammed without any external expensive programmer (which I do not have anyhow).

Right now I am in the process of joining the two PSoCs (4 and 5) projects I have into one single code base and test it out. In my mind this should be fairly easy, will post up the results.

The goal is to be able to have a simpler prototype that can be build cheaply and with a small footprint.


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For those who celebrate, happy new year. Wish you all the best, thanks for reading.