Are PCBs Bad?




I'm not talking about this type of PCB but rather Printed Circuit boards.

With the flexibility of the PSoC 4 I deliberately delayed laying out a PCB for my project until now.


web PCB Milling.jpg

I milled out my PCB from my PCB CAD files. The milling process includes track engraving hold drilling and board outline milling.


web PCB weeding.jpg

Rather than use full copper removal and wear out milling bits I manually weeded out the parts of the board that were not required to prevent the chance of short circuits.


web PCB Test fit with PSoC Pioneer.jpg

Here is the complete weeded board test fitted with the PSoC Pioneer Kit. I made the board profiles match to make it look neat. Curved corners and all!


web PCB Drilled Back.jpg

Here's what it looks like from the back. It is a single sided board.


web PCB Assembled and Tested.jpg

Here is the assembled and tested board. Not all PCB pads are used. I put them there to make it easier to alter the design.

The only thing to add is a connector to the top right hand corner.


Just connect to it to a LED array and we're cooking with gas!