Sick of Blurry Photos? You just can't outsmart a PSoC!

web Lens Ring Proto.jpg

I'm sick of blurry photos and flash photography going wrong so I quickly constructed this Camera Lens lighting ring.

It should work with my digital still and video cameras.

It consists of 24 RGB LEDS which are individually controlled by a PSoC 4.

All designed, made and constructed in hours!


It was the very first fully rotational axis PCB I've made and I am happy with the result and It works a treat.


Unlike a standard white only LED light with a fixed illumination level this design with RGB LEDs that are current controlled allows me to control output intensity and colour supposedly without any flickering.

Also unlike a normal LED light I can control combinations of LEDS to get different effects such as alternating LED colours or even alternating on / off and so on and so forth.

I was toying with the idea of hemispherical and selected sector lighting too.


I just can't wait to test it out and see what effects I can get.


P.S. The spare pin enables additional modules to be connected such as additional lighting and axis pan and tilt.