This installment of the Henrietta Project documentation covers operation of the touch pad and the remote PC app which uses Bluetooth to set up and control Henrietta. Actually, pretty much the whole system is shown in operation. In addition to programming the PC app and properly maping the touch pad, other significant progress since the last update includes implementing the thermostat scheduler with four programmable time periods each day on a seven day rotation. Since adding in the thermostat scheduler, memory usage on the PSoC4 has climbed over 80%.

There are 4 videos associated with this update:

  1. The first video is mainly a summary of the hardware subsystems.
  2. The second video demonstrates the touch pad and its use in programming the thermostat schedule.
  3. The third video was split into two parts, the first part shows the PC remote control app features.
  4. The second PC app video (fourth video in this update) shows the PC app and Henrietta together and how they interact.

Henrietta Hardware Recap


Henrietta Touch Pad Operation


Henrietta PC App


Henrietta PC App with Henrietta


For more info on the Henrietta Project, which is entered in the Smarter Life Challenge, check these logs: