This posting presents a video demonstrating remote control of the Henrietta hardware from an android phone via Bluetooth.

The android app was programmed using App Inventor, now managed by MIT.


To keep operation as simple and intuitive as possible the app covers the whole screen with control buttons, avoiding hidden functionality behind scrolling and menus. All controls are always visible. This app does not display information like the PC app - but all information is displayed by the Henrietta hardware.

Henrietta android app in operation


Bluetooth Range

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Bluetooth range easily covers my whole house - over 12 meters (40 feet) through at least 3 walls.



Remote control via Bluetooth really does accomplish the goal of making it easier to program the thermostat. Remote control is so convenient and seamless, use of Henrietta's own touch pad is considered a last resort option. Even with Henrietta's multifaceted feature set which is used to showcase PSoC4 technology, the controls do not get overwhelming.


For more info on the Henrietta Project, which is entered in the Smarter Life Challenge, check these logs: