A Star is Born!

web Controller and Star board.jpg

I've made and a PSoC 4 Controller PCB and Star LED board and both work very well.

The plan is to have lots of stars and light up the galaxy.


Although a PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit can be used for ISP and debugging, I have used a MiniProg3. The operating procedures are identical.


Hard to see on the photo but there are two LEDs on the Controller PCB. One is a standard Red LED (unlit in the photo) and a WS2812B RGB LED.

The connectors are inserted from the other side of the PCBs.

I have also provided some additional I/O connection points for feature expansion.


What I like about the PSoC 4 is its ability to operate with next to no external components.


web PSoC PCB.jpg


Here is a close up of a the milled PSoC 4 controller board.  It is very simple as was made to test the limitations of the Milling process.

It proved that my set up is capable of supporting TQFP44s with a 0.8mm pitch.