This is an update to the Henrietta Project, which was a design entry in the Smarter Life Design Challenge sponsored by Cypress Semiconductor and Element 14. The Henrietta Project was a smart thermostat with a variety of interfaces and features intended to showcase the capabilities of Cypress Semiconductor's PSoC4 and PSoC Creator development environment. This update is showing a spin-off from the Henrietta Project where the main feature is a GPS-based clock. It still retains Bluetooth capability which allows display of the temperature and control of all the other Henrietta functions, however most of the other peripherals are not installed.

I use this device as a clock that never needs to be set.

I also use it as a portable GPS reception tester, because I am doing other projects that need to obtain position information, even in buildings.

So far I am amazed at how much better this GPS works than my expensive name-brand commercial GPS devices.

Here is a quick video to show the packaging of this variant:



Henrietta Clock


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