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Intelligent Wheelchair:

Posted by vu2iti Jan 13, 2014
My Wheelchair project needs obstacle detection along the travel path of the wheelchair. It is also needed to see that the floor is even and to detect stairs and dead ends of the floor for safety.  Three sensors are planned for this purpose. The positions of the sensors are as shown below: Figure 1. Wheelchair Sensor Positioning Ultrasonic forward looking obstacle detection Forefront obstacle detection is based on the reflection of ultrasonic pulses emitted from the ultrasonic transduc ...
Intelligent Wheelchair Specifications   Figure1. Wheelchair showing the BLDC motors and Battery compartment   My idea of an intelligent wheelchair comes to my mind because of my 22 year old daughter Greeshma. She is mentally and physically disabled and her wheelchair ‘Karma’ ( is her best friend! Karma is not intelligent, it is a manual one. I am thinking of making an intelligent wheel chair for my daughter. The dimensions of the wheel ch ...

About my PSOC4 Project

Posted by vu2iti Dec 7, 2013
For a partially paralyzed person, it is so hard to adjust himself since he is not able to move or do anything without any other persons help. This project intends to help disabled persons for moving from one place to another on a wheelchair. Several works for handicapped people's help and assistance have been investigated in the last decade and particularly those concerning hardware and software architectures design related to automated wheelchairs. To make a wheelchair intelligent and autonomo ...