Running the race until its end...
Good morning and thank you to all the participants in the Sudden Impact Challenge - we've all been inspired by the solutions that have been produced to enhance safety and health of young athletes.
As a reminder, the final submission date is May 8th.  This means that all blog posts, videos, etc. should be in place by Midnight UTC on May 8th.  We will allow a grace period of 24 hours for those who experience technical difficulties.
As per the Detailled Information, the solutions built will be assessed according to the following criteria by Leeds Beckett University:
  1. Accuracy: how well does the proposed solution register the information it is intended to assess?
  2. Convenience: how easy it will be for non-technical personnel, such as coaches and trainers, to use the information?  How easy is it to put together and download the software?
  3. Cost: how much will it cost for a school or sports club to install the solution in their equipment?  Is it cost effective?
  4. Durability: for example, can it withstand multiple impacts and yet continue to function normally?
In order for these solutions to be assessed, we will be working with the challengers to ship the solutions to Leeds Beckett.  Each challenger should send an e-mail to me indicating their Intention to Submit their completed project.  Individual shipping instructions will then follow.
As Leeds Beckett will be testing the projects, it is vital that the following is included in the final submissions:
  1. Assembly and test instructions
  2. Software download instructions and platform requirements (we recommend you utilise the Github facility on element14)
Please note: Solutions which are non-functional upon arrival and cannot be repaired after 1 day in consultation with the challenger will be eliminated as the solution obviously cannot sustain the rigours of transport and therefore is unlikely to be an application that will work on the sports field.
Thank you once again to all our challengers and we look forward to seeing the completed projects!