My project is finished, but already I have ideas for the future development. The most obvious option for development is the smart phone app. The system will vastly "smarter" to using the ICTs: real time control by the coaches, emergency operation, database of records etc. The cost and size of additional circuits can be reduced by SMD technology. The total cost can be reduced and profitable by using high-volume production. It may be necessary the waterproof material of clothes. The further development / fine-tuning  of fuzzy logic may be necessary and testing with large number of participants. The measurement of ECG can be extended by multi-channel board and using the real-time spectrum analysis for forecast heart problems.

I am thankful to the organizer element14 and the supporters such as Analog Devices, Tektronix, Electrolube, and Leeds University. I am also grateful to Róbert Lőrincz (www.fényvisszaverő.hu and 'Mindenki Hazaérjen' Közlekedésbiztonsági Alapítvány / 'Everybody Arrive Home Safely' Foundation for Traffic Safety) for providing very good quality reflective strips.



Best regards,

Norbert Kovács