Dear all,


my name is Reinhold Behringer, and I am leading the evaluation of the Sudden Challenge entries here at Leeds Beckett University.


We do have a team of 4 evaluators who are members of staff at Leeds Beckett in the following areas:

Computing, Engineering, Sport Biomechanics, Sports Psychology and Sports Physiology.


We had an initial meeting and outlined the general method of evaluation.

As indicated, we will evaluate the following four criteria:

accuracy, convenience, cost, and durability.


Our tests will be conducted in the Biomechanics Laboratory of the Carnegie Faculty at Leeds Beckett.

These tests will include a judgement of wearability during sports activity as well as evaluation of usability by sports coaches.

The durability will be tested on a force-feedback bench. We will of course aim at NOT destroying the devices, but we will apply forces that are typical in a realistic sporting situation.


We will keep you updated on the progress of the evaluation activities. For now we are awaiting the shipment of the challenge entries, and next week will be an "unboxing" event where we unpack all the items that have arrived.

A quick check will be done, if the devices are functional or have been damaged during the shipment. Then we have scheduled three sessions for testing.


The specific further evaluation is still be finalised, but we will ensure that it is well documented, so that a transparent process of judgment is provided.


Many regards,