Dear all,


here are a few pictures from the evaluation so far. The boxes had all arrived at Leeds Beckett University by 17 June 2015.


2015-06-18 12.22.16.jpg


Now the opening could start.

Here are a few "inhabitants" of the Biomechanics Lab in the School of Sports of the Carnegie Faculty at Leeds Beckett University:

Sceletons in the Biomechanics Lab


The evaluation team, the film team, and the still unopened boxes:



Julian Old is opening the boxes with Cosmin's device:



Athanassios Bissas shows Ravi's device:

P6190087 smaller.jpg


Here Joanne Hudson is showing Austin's device:

P6190098 smaller.jpg


Mike Gray shows Douglas' helmet mount device:

P6190112 smaller.jpg


Here is Hendrik's device being charged:

2015-06-22 15.14.32.jpg

Charging Dragan's device:


And the testing continues...