This past week was very little activity regarding the evaluation. Athanassios and Joanne are on travel, and the Biomechanics Lab is booked for other events. So we will only be able to continue and complete the evaluation in the next two weeks when everybody is back from vacation.


But we have been busy in our electronics lab: five of the six devices that we got are working as intended, but one does have some difficulties. Julian tried to narrow it down, to determine if it is a problem with the communication or with the sensor. But it seems that the comms are working ok, as far as we can tell, based on checking with a variety of network analysis tools. We were keen to get also this device working, but it seems that the problem is with the sensor.


We have planned for next week a session in the Biomechanics lab where we will check the actual correctness of the data that are being presented by the sensors and the systems. This means, we will compare the readings that the devices provide, with readings from other reference measurement instruments.


We will NOT attempt to destroy the devices or expose them to a stress test - but we will judge the robustness of the devices regarding possible mechanical stress. This will also include the potential for using these devices in a realistic sports environment where they would be exposed to such mechanical stress. We will make this judgement on the base of the device design and the possible measures that could be undertaken to make them rugged, in case they are not yet.


In any case, we want to be fair, and we want that every developer gets their devices back in good shape.


There will be another update at the end of next week, when we will have completed the experiments that we want to do with these devices. If there are some pictures, then I will post them.