Here are a few pictures that I took during the evaluation last week.

Unfortunately posting photos here on this blog requires downsizing them to below 2MB. Therefore not many pictures here - but I am preparing a folder on Dropbox where more pics will be placed.


In the picture below there is the foam in which we placed a 3-axis accelerometer and one of the devices to be tested (here it is Hendrik's Skimonitor). We then dropped a ball onto the foam unit and then recorded the measurement reported by bnoth deviceds. for comparison. This is not a very precise method, but it suits to provide a rough order-of-magnitude comparison.

DSC00165 small.jpg

DSC00170 small.jpg


Here is Julian preparing the setup to drop a ball from a given height:

DSC00173 small.jpg

We did measure here the impact data reported by the devices of Hendrik Lipka and Ravi Butani.


For the heartrate measurement, Michael strapped on one device after the other and brought up his heart rate by walking / running on a treadmill. His heartrate was about 160 at the peak level. He did measure the heartrate with a Polar heartrate measurement system as a reference. Then Julian, sitting at the laptop computer, wrote down the values reported by the individual devices.

DSC00219 small.jpg

DSC00283 small.jpg


We did so far record heartrates reported by the devices of Ravi Butani and Douglas Wong.


We have scheduled another evaluation session for Tuesday, 14 July. Then we will evaluate the remaining devices.