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The (Actual) Final Entry

Posted by quisss May 7, 2015
I know I said my last post was the final one, but I decided to write one more summarizing some of the decisions I made, and what makes the Real Time Coach Athlete Monitoring System so great.   The first critical decision that I made was to make this work with a large number of athletes rather than just one. This was largely due to the fact that while some sports are individual, many of them consist of a team with a number of athletes that each need to be monitored. This was something that ...

The Final Entry

Posted by quisss May 7, 2015
It has been a long run, but this will be the final blog post for Real Time Coach, and it's going to be a long one.   First the hardware had to be assembled. As you can see in the pictures below, there is an arduino board with a wireless shield running the entire unit, with the heart rate monitor providing the amplified heart beat waveform. There is also an accelerometer which you can see in the second picture, attached to the multicolored jumper cables. I unfortunately ran out of time to a ...

Final Housing Build

Posted by quisss Apr 27, 2015
Well, this actually may not be the final build. I would like to add a shoulder strap, but I am currently strapped for time, as I am in school and finals week is next week. Without further ado:   For reference, one of those floor tiles is a 9 in. by 9 in. square. The 3d print has a few flaws in it, but those are mostly cosmetic. If it were printed on a better printer, the flaws would no longer exist. All I have left is to finish the code, and test which I believe will happen in the next f ...
This post is going to be short and sweet.   I got the heart rate monitor working and got the Arduino boards to properly read the input to determine distinct heart beats. Below is a video of the heart rate waveform:   Very soon I will be able to start testing as I am almost done putting this all together. ...
After an incredibly long time, the housing for the Wearable and Wearable Coordinator are finished, and this is the end result: Needless to say, I wasn't super satisfied with the print quality, but all of the parts are at least functional, so I guess it's fine. The hardware will be completed before April, and then the testing can begin. ...

RTC: App First Draft

Posted by quisss Mar 3, 2015
This is just going to be a quick update on the app design.   I have completed all of the front-end portions of the app, and this is the result: The pictures will be replaced when functionality is added. The app does allow scrolling when looking at multiple players, and the android icon on the player profile will be replaced by a visual indicator of player health. The bluetooth function is currently functional and I think that the UI is complete, so that pretty much sums it up for this u ...

RTC: App Progress

Posted by quisss Feb 26, 2015
This post is going to be fairly short as I haven't made a ton of observable progress, but lets see what I have done.   I have been working to make the RTC app functional, and I am almost to the point where it is usable. It should be completed within the week. As for the actual RTC wearable units and communications rig, the housings are currently being printed. I would have liked to have these printed a couple weeks ago, but every single 3D printer on Purdue's campus is either closed or out ...

RTC: Steady progress

Posted by quisss Feb 8, 2015
Hello all. Its been a little while since I last posted, but I was waiting for a major milestone; however, I have come to realize that this project will be made up of many smaller milestones. Needless to say, this update is going to cover a lot.   I would like to give a quick intro again to my angle approaching this competition. I have designed everything in this competition with three things in mind: is it cheap, is it easy to build, would an athlete actually wear it. Having been a broke a ...

RTC: The Beginning

Posted by quisss Dec 26, 2014
Sorry It has been a while since my last post, I have been a little busy with college finals, but now, I have time. So, what have I accomplished since my last check in? Let me tell you.   I have put together the basic design of my solution. In this solution, every athlete wears two sets of sensors and a microcontroller. There are the chest sensors and the head sensors. The chest sensors contain a heartbeat monitor and a couple of accelerometers. The head sensors are just a few accelerometer ...


Posted by quisss Dec 3, 2014
Now that I'm a part of the Sudden Impact Wearables Design Challenge(I think I'll be abbreviating that as SIWDC from now on), I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself and give a little background on my proposal. I am Austin Seven Horning, and I hail from the California Bay Area, but I am currently attending Purdue University in Indiana. I have been playing sports and have had friends get injured, which is what inspired me to take part in this challenge.   My idea is to build a ...