With pandemic such as Covid-19 going through all around the world, we wouldn't know if it is safe for us to pick up any rubbish that was left on the floor, worrying that some virus might be remaining on the rubbish and we might get affected when we are picking up the rubbish. However, is it neither the right thing to do to leave the rubbish on the floor. Therefore, it would be great if there is a robot that can pick it up for us since the robot is not going to be affected by the virus anyway. In my project, I will design a Garbage Collector that will scan for any rubbish and pick them up for us.


Below is the Block Diagram of the Garbage Collector:

The Garbage Collector will be integrated with an XMC 4700 Relax Lite Kit to perform all the logical computation required. A TLE94112 Motor Controller will be used to control DC motor for the Clamp as well as the DC motors for the Moving Base. DPS368 Pressure Sensor will be added to the clamp to feedback the pressure at the Clamp so that the Clamp will not apply too much or too little pressure when it is clamping rubbish. Metal Detector will be used to differentiate metal and non-metal garbage and separate them into a different bin for recycling purposes.


Ultrasonic sensors and IR transmitter plus receivers will also be integrated into Moving Base to avoid large obstacles and locate garbage. The Garbage Bin will be paired with an Ultrasonic sensor to know the remaining capacity of the bin. A Servo Motor will be used to swap between garbage bin for metal and non-metal. Lastly, a Bluetooth Module will be added to XMC 4700 Relax Lite Kit to allow manual control using smartphones.


This will be a complex project and I will be dividing it into smaller parts during my design.

Below is my Design flow plan:


Depending on my speed of progress, if I'm able to finish it early and have time remaining until the project due date, I might as well include a Charging and Compressing Station for the Garbage Collector.