It is a real honor to be chosen as one of the participants in the Sustain the World Design Challenge.  Infineon and Newark Element 14 provided a really generous package consisting of 2 different ARM Cortex M4 development boards along with 3 different peripheral boards.


My entry for the challenge is to develop a controller for an automated sprinkler system that predicts the weather by means of detecting changes in the atmospheric air pressure.  When the conditions for rain are predicted the next scheduled sprinkling is delayed so that water can be conserved.


Initially I will develop with the XMC4200 Platform2GO development board.  This is my chosen path because this board has x2 sites for receiving Shield2GO peripheral boards and the pressure sensor board my project requires is in the Shield2GO format.  Since the rules of the contest require that the XMC4700 Relax-Lite board be used as part of your solution I will have to find a way to migrate to this development board eventually.


For my development environment I am using DAVE which is provided for free by Infineon.  DAVE combines the regular Eclipse IDE with a graphical method for selecting and configuring your peripherals.  The version of DAVE I am using is 4.4.2.


I will end this blog by attaching a couple of screen shots from DAVE.  One shows how different peripherals can be chosen from the NEW APPS menu item.  The other attachment shows how pin assignments are made in the VIRTUAL PIN VIEW.