Hi All,

In this blog , I'm going to explain about programing the XMC4200_Platform2Go board.


There are the software and docs required, it can be download from infineon website:

  1. DAVE IDE 4.x
  2. XMC Peripheral Library
  3. XMC4200_Platorm2Go User manual

I'm not going to repeat UM contents here so please check UM for pin connection and board signals.

here is the Schematic view of the board:



Setting up the Example:


At 1st step download and install the DAVE IDE on your machine. Then download the XMC peripheral library for XMC4000 series.

extract the zip package and you get below files.

Go inside the XMCLib to reach the example code.

Import the GPIO example into Dave IDE and change the LED pin to P0_1 from P2_1

The example project is defined with XMC4200 series 48 pin target so , its good to change the MCU target in two places.


Running the Example:

Now compile your code and flash it on the Kit with J-link debug configuration. But I'm not sure why the breakpoints are not hitting , i will

investigate and update.

The LED should blink at 2HZ, Cheers

In the next blog3 , I will explain how we can interface H-bridge shield board (TLE94112EL) with XMC4200 platform2Go kit.