In the previous blog4 i have explained about interfacing of the PROFET+2 12V High side switches with XMC2000 Kit to drive a LED Lights. In this blog we going to

bring up the wireless communication using BLE Mesh network.


If you are new to MESH, Its good to start from this App note found here (cypress)

I'm using two CYBT-213043-MESH kits to create mesh networks and sending data between them. MESH has different models for lights , sensors etc. In this project I'm using

a vendor model which is a custom one.

The following tools are required to develop and flash the code

1. Eclipse IDE for ModusToolbox

2. BTSDK Examples



I have taken the MESH example (Vendor Model) and modified. In my case I'm going to control the DC motor and Lights.

One board is remote and the other one is station. Remote boards send the data to the station and XMC4200 reads the data from the station.

To provide some user interface , i have added OLED display to remote board via i2c interface (P12-SDA,P13-SCL).


Both the kits are provisioned through the Cypress MESH Android app.( found inside the btsdk tools)


Short press on Remote (Server) user Button SW3 (Black) toggles the states and sends the MESH message to client with button status.

The Station (Client) turns ON or OFF the led based on the button status.

Long press on Button SW3 changes the mode (Lights/Motor/Timer) . RGB LED is used to differentiate between each modes.

This  is just a basic communication I have created in a MESH network.

This button status information is passed to XMC4200 Kit through UART.

The mesh setup working video is here


In the next blog (Blog6) we are going to control the actual lights/motor over the MESH network.