It has been a long time, in these complicated times of Covid-19.


Since my initial project I have changed a few things. The main one was instead of using the Platform2GO XMC4200 I preferred to use the XMC4700 RELAX LITE KIT that has greater support in Arduino and therefore faster to carry out prototypes.


In the development I will test the necessary parts separately and then integrate the project.


My project is divided into 2 parts. 1.- inside the house where I will monitor dangerous gases and 2.- monitor and irrigate the gardens to keep the plants healthy and not waste water in the process. (At least that's the idea)


Based on the initial idea. We are testing the supplied hardware and adding the source code for the correct operation of the sensor readings and responses to the different output signals.


In the next Blogs I will explain the process in a little more detail


My first Video Blog: