Hi All,

In the previous blog7  i have finalized the setup and in this blog I'm going to add Eink display to the XMC4200.

The Eink display ( eINK Click board ) i have got from the Mikroe and i'm using the 1.5Inch EPD display.


SPI Interface:

The EPD is interfaced to our XMC4200 with SPI interface. The board has an Mikroe slots we need to insert the module.


Pin Details:

#define EPD_RST      P2_7
#define CS         P0_7
#define SCLK     P1_8
#define MOSI     P1_9
#define DC       P1_1
#define BSY      P0_10


The SPI frequency is configured with 2MHZ in default mode zero.

And i have disabled the MISO & CS , CS pins is drive via GPIO port.


EPD Initialization:


The pins are initialized  driver code is downloaded from Mikroe.



Creating Project:

Checkout the blog3 for creating an project from existing project. In addition i have added the ssd1608 drivers and Image



I have created an 200x200 size image and converted into bitmap array and displayed with the EPD drivers.


The final output of this code will print the image on the display.


In the next blog9 we will integrate Eink display to the existing setup.