Hi everyone, this is my final project demonstration of "Smart Farming Hoe". Checkout my earlier blogs [Blog1 , Blog2 , Blog3, Blog4, Blog5, Blog6, Blog7, Blog8, Blog9 ]

from unboxing to product prototype design. This blog explains about the overall design concepts and how it works.


Smart farming Hoe:

The problem what i see in today's world is "Farmers" count is decrementing day by day. Since I'm from the background of agriculture family i had seen

what are the problems farmers will face in the field. To overcome that i have build this smart farming hoe. 15 years back i had idea of adding LED lights

into the hoe to help the farmers during night time. And today i have but this smart hoe to control the water flow and lights.


Smart Farming Hoe has two setup.

1. Base Station

2. Remote


Base Station:

Base station is build with Infineon XMC4200 Platform2GO kit and PROFET 12V Switch Shield. The Cypress BLE MESH kit is interfaced to XMC4200

over UART communication. The Base Station is powered through 12V 7.5Ah battery. This battery is changed via 20watt solar panel with Luminous controller.

12V DC submersible water pump and 12V LED's are connected to PROFET+2 switch outputs.


The remote is just BLE mesh Kit. OLED display is interfaced for user interface. The kit has push button used for control and changing the mode .

This setup is powered via AAA battery. The removable battery holder is attached in it. This entire setup is wrapped into the small size Wooden Hoe.

Its just concept demonstration , in practical scenario this setup will be embedded inside the wood with carving.  I painted the wood and did some





The base station MESH kits act as a server,it works in a vendor specific model. It receives the data from the client (smart hoe)

and sends to the XMC4200 kit over uart communication with 921600 baudrate. The XMC4200 MCU processes the UART data

and controls the port pins based on the data status.

The data frame is 8 bytes length UTF-8. RTC is used for getting time for timer mode. E Ink display shows the status of the

system. Also the battery information charging status can be monitored through wirelessly but currently not implemented.


In the smart Hoe side, the MESH kit acts as a client and sends the data on button status change. Short button press changes the

states of the Light or Motor.Button press and hold for 3 secs, changes the modes (LIGHT,MOTOR & TIMER). Also some of the

features can be added in future like sensing soil or plants and etc.


The experimental code is here


1. Farmers can control the water flow from hand.

2. Outdoor lights control in home gardening

3. Sensing the Hoe usage for AI robotics.


The working video is here.


Some more details may be added in future.


Thank you!

Ashok r