Although we are already at Zero hour. I still have to add the application of "extracting toxic gases from the environment".

I already have the idea of how it goes. And it will be with the MQ135 sensor where I got better results in practice. (detects insecticides, strong disinfectants, apart from carbon dioxide and ammonia gases).

At the code level, it will be like the one executed in the sole humidity sensor since I require some hysteresis with the use of the fans.


Also the ambient light sensor in which I will turn on the lights conveniently in the backyard. That will be with the LDR Light sensor integrating it with the Infineon Profet.


And since there are still a lot of free pins on the XMC 4700, place the PIR sensors to automatically turn on the lights or detect intruders in the yard


I've learned a ton, and I'm motivated to keep moving forward in this community.


Until now 232 lines of code