This post I should have written before.

I used this screen because it is easy to work with and I kept it in one of my unused drawers.

It allows me to write 4 lines in 20 characters.

Since there are several sensors that I have in the project, I created functions so that they would move every 3 seconds.



In the first screen I have the data of the DHT11 sensor from which I obtain 3 data: Temperature, humidity and Heat Index.

In the fourth line locate the Light sensor with the data of the integer type and in percentage of received light.



In the second screen I get the data from the MQ7 and MQ135 sensors.

Also the atmospheric pressure data from the Infineon DPS368 sensor and this one also gives me other temperature data (this is great)



In the third screen I obtain the data of the irrigation application with the soil moisture sensor and the activation of the motors with the DC motor shield TLE94112EL


Welcome screen